keep an eye on
your property
from anywhere.

The simple presence of a security camera can reduce crime — and a custom surveillance system designed and installed by Kelltech Systems can make an even bigger difference. According to a recent study by the University of California’s Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), cameras reduced property crimes by 24 percent within 100 feet of the cameras. And in a convenience store study involving 81 stores, cameras decreased robberies by 53 percent.  Whether you are seeking to prevent home intrusions or protect your business from burglary, Kelltech Systems can help you select the best security camera system for your unique needs.

View your property from several angles with a multi-camera system. Capture high-resolution video or images, even in complete darkness. Sync your camera system with your alarm system, and control both remotely from your mobile device. Today’s high-definition surveillance technology is more sophisticated than ever, leading to better protection for property owners. Fortunately, it’s also surprisingly simple to use. We design camera systems with intuitive user interfaces, so learning to use your system only takes a few moments. Our experienced security technicians will guide you through your new surveillance setup and answer any questions you may have.

kelltech systems surveillance
key benefits:

  • Monitor your property 24/7 from your mobile device.
  • Record activity surrounding your home or business.
  • Restrict access with Doorbell Video.
  • Check in on children from
    any room in your home.
  • Synchronize cameras
    with your alarm system.
  • Save time and money with
    efficient, affordable installation.
  • Get friendly, personal service
    from a trusted local provider.
  • Customize your system to
    meet your needs.