one touch. endless control.

Control your home or business, at the touch of a button. Dim the lights. Turn on the stereo. Adjust the temperature. Start a presentation. There is so much you can do with automation — and with Kelltech Systems, taking control of your home or business has never been easier.

your life, simplified

Life is better when everything goes smoothly — and with Kelltech Systems Automation Services, you can experience effortless control of all your electronic systems.

We focus on ease of use, so that you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your home or office, instead of learning how to use complicated electronics. Our Automation Systems allow you to control lighting, heating and air conditioning, televisions, audio, security, appliances, and more from a single remote control — or your mobile phone or tablet.

Simple and intuitive, our systems allow your home or business to respond to you, whether you are there or not: improve energy efficiency by adjusting heating and air conditioning while you are away. Create custom settings to welcome you home. Randomize lights and appliances to improve security while you are on vacation. Check in on home or office cameras when you are off-site. From Control4, to heating and A/C control, to iighting systems and motorized blinds, we offer a full range of Home Integration and Business Automation Services.