motorized shades

convenient, efficient,
motorized shades.

Add an elegant touch to your interior design. Improve energy efficiency at your home or office. Increase security and privacy when you are at home or away. Motorized shades convey sophistication, professionalism, and luxury — and they are as practical as they are attractive. Here are some of the many benefits motorized blinds can bring to your home or business:

experience the ultimate
in home automation convenience with motorized blinds.

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energy efficiency

Keep the sun from overheating your home or business in summer months, and add extra insulation to your windows throughout the winter. With Kelltech Systems’ motorized shades, you can save money on your energy bill every month, and enjoy total comfort year-round.

increased security

Automated shades can be raised and lowered at specific times while you’re home, and can stay closed when you’re away, improving security. Automatically closing shades in the evening can help reduce theft by ensuring contents are not visible from outside your home
or business.

remote control

Kelltech Systems’ motorized shades can be controlled remotely from your mobile phone or any mobile device, whether you are home or away.

more privacy

Lower your automated shades at the touch of a button, preventing intruders or neighbors from seeing inside your home or business.

lighting control in
hard-to-reach areas

Control the amount of sunlight that enters your home or business, even in hard-to-reach places — such as skylights or high windows.

Authorized qMotion Dealer

Kelltech Systems is an authorized qMotion dealer. qMotion manufactures some of the most innovative and attractive motorized shades available. With advanced integration into Control4 home automation, and no need to run wires, qMotion has a product to fit almost any automated shading project.