heating & a/c control

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more comfort.

reduce costs. conserve energy.
improve comfort.

With Kelltech Systems’ Automated Heating and A/C Control, you can control your home’s air conditioning system any time, from anywhere, whether you are at home or not. We design custom Heating and A/C Control solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Dallas Metroplex, improving our customers’ comfort
and reducing their energy bills.

Our state-of-the-art systems allow you to adjust temperature levels remotely using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet computer. Conserve energy when you are out, and program your system to automatically adjust the temperature before you return. It’s that simple.

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to your home or office

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key benefits of automated
heating & A/C control from
Kelltech Systems

comfort & convenience

Texas summers are hot — and as a local Dallas business, we are committed to keeping our customers comfortable year-round. We’ll show you how to program your air conditioning system to turn on at just the right time to reach your preferred air temperature before you arrive back at the home or office. And we’ll make it simple to adjust the temperature remotely if you forget.

24/7 remote access

Control temperature remotely from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Anytime, anywhere.

energy efficiency

Adjusting the temperature automatically while you are away can save your home or business thousands of dollars each year, and help you achieve your goals of energy efficiency. You’ll also get a detailed report of how your energy consumption is used, helping you make modifications when needed.

advanced HVAC solutions

Kelltech Systems’ HVAC control is brand-neutral, so we work with your existing equipment, while still bringing the advanced features you want.

complete integration

Heating and A/C control is just one component of the Automation Services offered by Kelltech Systems. We can integrate your system to work with your home alarm, entertainment system, lighting, and more, allowing you to control all electronics in your home or office from a single source.