new construction pre-wire

pre-wire now.
save later.

Faster emergency response times. Higher quality audio-visual performance. Improved cosmetic appearance. When you pre-wire your home or business for a high-performance security and entertainment system, you’ll save money — and enjoy higher quality results.

professional design services

Wiring your home or business right from the start puts you in control of your electronics plan, and gives you more flexibility for the future. We will create a custom-designed wiring package for your home or business based on your goals and industry best practices. Then we will document your design so you know what wiring you have and where it goes. From start to finish, our professional wiring designers will take care of all the details, so you don’t have to.

clean, efficient installation

The most attractive electronic system is one you don’t see at all. With new construction pre-wire services, Kelltech Systems can run wires through the walls of your new home or business, before drywall is placed and construction is complete. This ensures a clean, efficient installation with wires completely hidden
from view.

more reliable connection

Wireless systems look attractive, but nothing beats the strong, reliable connection of a fully wired security or entertainment system. Unlike wireless security systems or wireless home theaters, which use radio waves to send signals, wired systems employ insulated wires, eliminating interference. The result is a sharper, clearer, uninterrupted connection — and a
happier customer.

more responsive security system

It’s one thing to experience interference in your home entertainment system. It’s quite another to have an unreliable security system. When your home or business is pre-wired for a professional security system from Kelltech Systems, you can rest assured knowing your system is hard-wired for safety, and free from radio interference. Kelltech Systems provides some of the fastest response times in the area, keeping you and your home or business safe.

economical pricing

While your wired security or entertainment system can be installed post-construction, it is much more cost-efficient to pre-wire your building before construction is complete. We provide quality work at an affordable cost, saving you money while planning ahead for a high-performance home or business.