whole home audio / video

high quality audio and video
every room in the house.

Why limit your audiovisual solution to just one room? With Audio and Video Distribution from Kelltech Systems, you can experience high quality surround sound audio and high-definition video in every room of your home or business.

Create your own private spa in the master bath, with discreet hidden speakers. Make your office more pleasant with background music of your choice. Host an outdoor party with top-notch entertainment. Listen to your favorite music and watch movies from any room — even outside — without compromising quality or style.

When we design an A/V distribution system, we hide the equipment in a location of your choice and keep the wiring out of sight, so you can enjoy your favorite music and video content without the clutter of traditional systems. You can also watch the same video source in every room, simultaneously, without having to buy additional cable boxes or Blu-ray players for every room.

Audio and Video Distribution from Kelltech Systems can bring added convenience and enjoyment to your home or office. From high quality entertainment systems, to integrated video surveillance and security, to simple, automated operations, we bring a range of customized solutions to exceed your expectations, while staying within your budget.

bring audio and video excellence to every room of your home or office

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