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Secure and Efficient Office

The owners of Senico had two priorities: operating a thriving business and maintaining a safe workplace. This urban Dallas web development company wanted to keep their perimeter doors secure during operating hours, while allowing access to their clients and employees. When it came time to choose a security and systems integration company to help them achieve these goals, they called on Kelltech Systems.Amanda Soutter, Operations and Finance Manager at Senico, first heard about Kelltech Systems through a neighboring business. She says, “I think it’s important to get feedback from other people already using the system. Things can sound really good on paper, but it’s vital to actually see the system functioning.” The Kelltech Systems team demonstrated the various functions during their initial meeting, enabling Amanda to get hands-on experience with a real system before signing on the dotted line.

A Challenge Met
According to Amanda, “Our biggest challenge was setting up an all-inclusive system so that our employees could have access based on their needs and the needs of the business. And I wanted the system on one integrated platform that I could control.”

With this in mind, Kelltech Systems designed an integrated access control system from Kantech. This structure of badge controlled doors, complete with a video intercom system from Aiphone, has a camera outside and a full color screen inside. Jeff Lowe, Support Specialist at Kelltech Systems, explains: “This system alerts the receptionist when someone is at the door. They can speak with the visitor, visually verify their identity, and then unlock the door with the push of a button. Not only is this a great security measure, it is also impressive to guests, showing an emphasis on technology and efficiency.”

This access control system gives Senico the ability to manage employee and guest access. It also provides the company with detailed reporting from a simple interface available via a web page and mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices. Using their new system, Senico can add, edit, and remove employee access as well as lock and unlock their doors from a smartphone or tablet, even while away from the office. Amanda is able to run reports to see when each employee has entered the building and ensure that the doors have been secured after hours.

A Happy Customer
Kelltech Systems gave Senico a secure and streamlined access control system that provided greater security and efficiency – all for a price that fit their budget. Amanda likes that. She also appreciates the different functions available within one system. She says, “It wasn’t like a cafeteria plan, where you pick and choose what you want, and it ends up costing more. This platform is really all inclusive, and allows us to customize¬† based on the needs of our business and our employees.” Amanda doesn’t stop there. She raves about her interaction with the team at Kelltech Systems. “They came in and made it so easy. The installation process was easy from beginning to end.”